We Offer Perfect Starter Kit

  • Up to 6 static pages: Home, About, Contact Us, Product, Links and/or whatever else you want.
  • Website Design: we'll help you to catch the attention of the surfer with neat, professional and appealing designs.
  • E-mail form: for convenience of your clients, an e-mail form to request a quote right from the website.
  • All for $200 (hosting and domain name is optional).
  • Maintenance is $15/hour

In today's age of information, having a website, as simple as it may be, is a very effective way to attract clients. Internet is a very convenient place, and having a web site for your company or business is like pinning your business card to a bulletin board. However, the advantage of a website is it's potential capacity for information; not only is your contact information on it, your potential clients can view your prices and products from home or office. A good website design informs your clients that you are professional, while the presence on the "net" can help your advertisement campaign reach more people and result in more clients getting to you. All in all, having a web site is a good addition to any marketing plan!

A simple and highly cost-effective web-site, with crisp and professional design is the perfect starting place for any company to expand their presence to the Web. You might not be an e-commerce, but for the price our competitors would charge you, you might as well be. Investing in the Internet is a smart thing to do, but we will help you do so in the right way, without expensive features you can live without, but with a solid design that will expand your customer base.

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